How Express Works

How Express Works

Accelerate Innovation

Express packs over 30 years of market leading research expertise into a simple and easy to use platform.

Powered by automation and AI, Express provides deeper insights and analysis, faster than ever before - with 87% of projects delivered within 7 days.

Agile Research, Tailored To You

Whatever your challenge, we’ve got the tool to help.

From concept screening through to more complex product and pack development - we can test across qualitative, quantitative and sensory.
Tests are flexible and can be scaled up or down - so whatever you need, we've got it covered.

One-off Tests. Iterative Research. Research Programs

Express works however you need it to, covering:

- Simple go/no-go tests when you need confident decisions fast
- Iterative development streams where ideas and prototypes can be refined and optimized over time
- Programs of research, harmonizing and unifying a research approach across your business

Expert Human Support

Set-up by MMR, Express provides dedicated access to industry leading Research Managers who are on hand to help, whenever you need. 

From project design to data analysis, our team are dedicated to helping you squeeze the most out of every project.

Tailored Samples At A Global Scale

We can talk to whatever sample definition you need – with data cleaning and quotas as standard. 

We’re already operating in 27 key global markets in the developed and developing world, with the ability to quickly add new markets - with no set up cost or volume commitment.

Focused Flexibility

Express is set up to give you the answers you need, in a format that fits seamlessly into your wider business data infrastructure. 

All our wording, scales and question types can be tailored to your needs - ensuring you get what you pay for, no matter which tool or test you’re using.