Concept Accelerator


Concept Accelerator

Fast track your concept development with our co-creative online approach, using a mix of qualitative research for idea exploration and quantitative research for scale. We optimize, refine and clarify your content with vital consumer insight from your target audience - ensuring you get it right first time.

When to use it

  • To turn your early stage ideas into concepts that are perfectly in tune with the needs of your target audience – without endless reworks.
  • Identify the most compelling ways to articulate your concept, particularly when describing more complex or novel ideas.
  • Understand which aspects of your concept are most (and least) appealing – enabling clear prioritization
  • Understand how to maximize concept differentiation and believeability
  • Understand how the wording of a concept in one market needs to be adapted to reflect local market nuances.


Develop and optimize clear concepts based on feedback from your target audience; With video-based qualitative exploration of your ideas included to tease out optimization insight and the rigor of quant to understand which concepts are most motivating to the largest number of your target consumers. Gain the confidence to create stronger concepts which drive greater consumer connection.

What You Get

  • Exploratory video feedback from qualitative respondents validated through the robustness of quantitative scoring.
  • Immediate, instinctive responses to each concept to understand the subconscious feedback from consumers.
  • Clear hierarchy of optimization recommendations based on consumer feedback and strength of consensus.
  • Optimal alternative wording provided, based on consumer feedback.
  • Optional online workshop session to refine wording collaboratively.
  • Following fieldwork, the completed project will be available in the form of a PowerPoint report and accessible at any time via our online portal.

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