Concept Evaluator


Concept Evaluator

Our most comprehensive assessment to identify/optimize your concept(s)

When to use it

  • Identifying strongest concepts
  • Validate concept potential
  • Optimize based on consumer feedback
  • Maximize fit with desired brand positioning
  • Allowing early volume forecasting (optional)


Robust evaluation of your concepts; enabling you to prioritize and improve concepts based directly on consumer feedback and check readiness for BASES.

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Concept performance measured for the target consumer group
  • Purchase intent & KPIs
  • Category incrementality measures
  • Diagnostics (attribute measures and open-ended questions)
  • Conceptual profiling to ensure brand fit
  • Agreement to tailored product benefit statements
  • Optimal price point
  • Analyzed deck with recommendations
  • Debrief call

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