Concept Selector


Concept Selector

Confidently screen many concepts using carefully selected criteria

When to use it

  • Identifying strongest concepts
  • Efficiency of follow up spend through only progressing concepts likely to succeed
  • Maximize fit with desired brand positioning


Confidently screen multiple concepts to find the most appealing, using carefully selected criteria. Achieve a direct comparison between these concepts to identify the strongest performers and validate market potential.

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Concept performance relative to the whole set of concepts
  • Concept diagnostics with optimization guidelines
  • Key Measures: Purchase Intent (can also be priced), frequency of purchase and uniqueness
  • Conceptual profiling to assess fit to brand
  • Agreement with flexible product benefit statements
  • An overview of key usage occasions
  • Guidance on pricing strategy
  • Analyzed report with recommendations and summary
  • Debrief call

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