Sensory Diagnostics


Sensory Diagnostics

Defines the key sensory attributes of your products or category. Get expert commentary on specifics not easily articulated by consumers.

Compare and contrast up to 6 products or prototypes by focusing on differences.

When to use it

  • To identify and quantify differences between products against a specific sensory modality (e.g. taste or texture)
  • To refine different executions of similar variants
  • To understand a product’s sensory attributes in detail


Confidently identify differences between products within a specific sensory modality (e.g. taste or texture). With capabilities to refine different executions across similar product variants, Sensory Diagnostics enables you to understand the sensory attributes of a product, and the impact of these, in detail within a short time frame.

What You Get

We will deliver:

  • Sensory vocabulary: definitions of the characteristics of up to 5 products or prototypes
  • Product ‘thumbprints’: highlighting key attribute differences in the sample set for a key modality
  • Summary comparisons by MMR’s expert in-house sensory team

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